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Recipe: backpacking oatmeal

In recent years I have switch to a more oatmeal based breakfast because it keeps me full much longer than a cereal based breakfast. Just 1 deciliter oatmeal will keep me full long after 3-4 hours. In any case I found that it’s just as easy to make an oatmeal based breakfast as it is for a milk and cereal breakfast while hiking. I would say easier. Read More


Recipe: lazy mans backpacking breakfast 

I am a pretty predictable person when it comes to certain things. In the morning I truly prefer routine over guess work. I shower, throw on some deo, same pair of jeans, same style shirt and sweater and same shoes. I limit my guess work so that my mind is on full drive for more important manners in life other than how I look and what shirt matches what pants.. I simply don’t care and don’t want to waste any energy at all thinking about it.

The same goes for my breakfast. I eat the same exact breakfast everyday and have done so far as long as I can remember. This breakfast is so important for my daily routine that I even make the exact same breakfast for when I’m hiking and this simple little recipe can be made in 5 minutes and minimal cost. Read More


Recipe: Pecan chocolate mush bar

I’m weak as hell when it comes to chocolate.. Or most things that require any kind of self discipline for that matter. But chocolate gets me the most, I’m surprised I still have all my limbs or at the least can still walk with the amount of chocolate I consume.. Maybe it’s all the hiking.

In any case what could be better than pecans, dates, walnuts and chocolate? An awesome and simple recipe that really spices up the ordinary dates based raw bars. Read More


Recipe: kick ass peanut butter

I love peanut butter.. I’m just not so in love with the sugar bomb butter that you mainly get in the shops. Every time I dig a spoon into that stuff I feel like I am going to lose an arm from diabetes. ( or however that works). So like almond butter I make my own peanut butter. The building blocks of this butter is the same as with the almond butter; roast the nuts, throw them in a food processor and hack the hell out of them for a few minutes. Add a few spoons of raw sugar and a little bit of salt and your done. Read More