I love peanut butter.. I’m just not so in love with the sugar bomb butter that you mainly get in the shops. Every time I dig a spoon into that stuff I feel like I am going to lose an arm from diabetes. ( or however that works). So like almond butter I make my own peanut butter. The building blocks of this butter is the same as with the almond butter; roast the nuts, throw them in a food processor and hack the hell out of them for a few minutes. Add a few spoons of raw sugar and a little bit of salt and your done.

Tools needed:
Food processor
Oven pan


raw sugar, salt


1. First roast the unsalted nuts in the oven on full blast for about 15 minutes. My oven is 250 degrees Celsius.

2. Let the nuts cool off then throw in the food processor. Here I usually add the raw sugar and salt as you can see I the picture

3. Process for about 10-15 minutes depending on what consistency you want your peanut butter.

4. Once you get the peanut butter how you want it, place it in a jar and your done! Easy peasy.

The family approves!

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