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backpacking recipe

Making Ghee

There are different reasons why one should want to make ghee. For me I use it both at home and on the trail. It holds alot better than butter does and I just like the taste.

Tools needed:

1/2 cup butter (depending on how much you want)

Place the butter in a casserole and heat up


Once the butter is completely melted you will start to see the milk protein bubbling up to the surface.


Just scoop the milk protein out with a strainer


Continue to do this until all the milk protien is out.. this takes about 5-10 minutes total


dscf3085Once all the protein is filtered out the ghee has a nice yellow look to it. You can then pour this liquid into a jar directly or run it through the filter once more.


Once the ghee is done place it in a jar at give it some time to settle. Usually takes about a day to completely settle.


Recipe: lazy mans backpacking breakfast 

I am a pretty predictable person when it comes to certain things. In the morning I truly prefer routine over guess work. I shower, throw on some deo, same pair of jeans, same style shirt and sweater and same shoes. I limit my guess work so that my mind is on full drive for more important manners in life other than how I look and what shirt matches what pants.. I simply don’t care and don’t want to waste any energy at all thinking about it.

The same goes for my breakfast. I eat the same exact breakfast everyday and have done so far as long as I can remember. This breakfast is so important for my daily routine that I even make the exact same breakfast for when I’m hiking and this simple little recipe can be made in 5 minutes and minimal cost. Read More


Recipe: kick ass peanut butter

I love peanut butter.. I’m just not so in love with the sugar bomb butter that you mainly get in the shops. Every time I dig a spoon into that stuff I feel like I am going to lose an arm from diabetes. ( or however that works). So like almond butter I make my own peanut butter. The building blocks of this butter is the same as with the almond butter; roast the nuts, throw them in a food processor and hack the hell out of them for a few minutes. Add a few spoons of raw sugar and a little bit of salt and your done. Read More