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Peanut butter fudge

These peanut butter fudge cubes are amazing. If your looking for quick energy on the trail, or body fat increasers, love handle expanders, these peanut butter fudge bars will do the trick.

Recipe: Dried banana chips

Here’s another easy ground stone that I use for many of my recipes. From energy bars to hiking snacks to breakfast, dried bananas is one of my most used. Tools needed: Dehydrator Knife

UL comfort super bread

This bread is by far my greatest contribution to the evolution of mankind.. It is the equivalent of at the least the pyramids of Gaza, at most the creation of man. Well, I don’t mean […]

Recipe: super, ultra, mega backpacking jerky

Really it’s just lazy mans beef jerky. I absolutely love beef jerky on a long days hike, unfortunately for me, finding good beef jerky in Sweden is a near impossible mission. Even if it’s starting […]