Really it’s just lazy mans beef jerky. I absolutely love beef jerky on a long days hike, unfortunately for me, finding good beef jerky in Sweden is a near impossible mission. Even if it’s starting to make its way here, at the moment it’s just so expensive and in “tiny” human bites.. In other words pathetic is the best word to use when describing the “jerky” that can be bought here. 

In any case when it comes to jerky you’re either an American, or American’t! These man sized slabs of dried meat can be made with minimal effort and cost with maximal taste.

This post will cover a simple preparation process as well as a couple of “5 minute” recipes

Tools needed:
Dehydrator or oven 50 degree celcius

Flank steak ( you decide how much you want at one go)

1. Take the monster sized flank steak, cut out the bigger bits of fat and slice in thin cuts. To make the cuts easier you can always throw the stake in the freezer for about 30minutes beforehand. I rarely bother with that part as it requires planning.

2. One of my favorite recipes for beef jerky is just some sea salt and pepper. However you can make a really easy “marinad” with just soy sauce, honey, salt and pepper and a bit of Worcester sauce.

With a marinad you usually want the meat to marinade in the sauce and in the fridge for a few hours.. But again this requires planning and I normally just let the meat soak for a few minutes then place on the dehydrator

3. From here I just throw the slices of meat on my dehydrator and let it run for about 11-15 hours.. Most dehydrators run at around 50 celcius. Really you just let it go for your own preferences.

That’s it! Some kick ass trail jerky for your long hikes.

Some quick and dirty marinades:

I won’t give any real portions here because they are marinades.. Pretty damn hard to screw up

Sweet soy marinad
Mainly soy sauce
Two spoons of sugar
Some salt

Soy master
Mainly soy sauce
A spoon or two of honey
Worcester sauce

Buy the sauce – pour in bowl and tada!

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