Since I want to start adding some of my recipes that I use when I plan for hiking, I figured that I also need to share some of the basic building blocks of my recipes. Sure you can always go out and purchase energy bars, dried food and breakfasts… But what fun is that? Part of the joy in backpacking is the preparation.

With that you will see one recurring theme with all of my recipes: fast and easy. Oh, and you need a food processor. I have a pretty cheap Electrolux that works wonders.

That being said one of the most basic recipes or ground recipes that I have and use regularly in a lot of different recipes is almond butter; or the high class better tasting cousin to peanut butter.

Tools needed:
Food processor
Cookie sheet or form


Raw sugar

How to prepare:

1. Pour raw unsalted almonds into oven pan. How many almonds is dependent on how much butter you wish to have. I usually use two-three cups of almonds.

2. Place the pan in oven on maximum heat for about 12-15 minutes ( my oven is hottest at 250 Celsius). You want the almonds to have a light brown tint to them. This process is called roasting

3. Let the almonds cool down a few minutes, than place in the food processor and press on for a few minutes.. Well depending on your processor this could take anywhere from 10-30 minutes. The processing is done when the almonds become butter

4. During the processing you can add a table spoon or so of raw sugar and a pinch of salt for taste. Once the  process is complete, grab a spoon and enjoy!

If I don’t use the butter immediately in another recipe than I just place the butter in a jar like the one in the picture. I find the holding value of the butter to be several months.

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