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backpacking recipe

Potato bark – Trail food magic

Bark is more awesome than it actually sounds. It’s the yen to trail food yang. It’s what separates the gourmet backpacking geniuses from the top ramen amateurs. I will be doing a lot of different trail bark recipes, but I will start with potato bark as it works as both trail chips and mashed potatoes. Energy rich and easy to make that adds a whole lot of taste!

2 lbs potatos – peeled. (1 kilo)
fat free broth – I use vegetable broth and about 1/3 cupSalt and pepper

skin the potatos and cook in a casserole for about 15-20 minutes until soft. Then drain and add vegetable broth, salt and pepper. Then mash the potatos – I use a hand mixer to mix it all. For variations you can add barbeque sauce and garlic powder.


Once all the ingredients are mixed your ready to spread the mix out on a paralexx sheet or baking paper. Be sure to spread relatively evenly over the entire sheet. This recipe and the 2 lbs of potatos is just right for the 15″ x  15″ Excalibur dehydrator.


135degrees for about 10 hours should be more than enough to make nice crispy potato bark!


I will add recipes to use the Potato bark on in my next post!

backpacking recipe

Making Ghee

There are different reasons why one should want to make ghee. For me I use it both at home and on the trail. It holds alot better than butter does and I just like the taste.

Tools needed:

1/2 cup butter (depending on how much you want)

Place the butter in a casserole and heat up


Once the butter is completely melted you will start to see the milk protein bubbling up to the surface.


Just scoop the milk protein out with a strainer


Continue to do this until all the milk protien is out.. this takes about 5-10 minutes total


dscf3085Once all the protein is filtered out the ghee has a nice yellow look to it. You can then pour this liquid into a jar directly or run it through the filter once more.


Once the ghee is done place it in a jar at give it some time to settle. Usually takes about a day to completely settle.


Recipe: Pecan chocolate mush bar

I’m weak as hell when it comes to chocolate.. Or most things that require any kind of self discipline for that matter. But chocolate gets me the most, I’m surprised I still have all my limbs or at the least can still walk with the amount of chocolate I consume.. Maybe it’s all the hiking.

In any case what could be better than pecans, dates, walnuts and chocolate? An awesome and simple recipe that really spices up the ordinary dates based raw bars. Read More


Recipe: kick ass peanut butter

I love peanut butter.. I’m just not so in love with the sugar bomb butter that you mainly get in the shops. Every time I dig a spoon into that stuff I feel like I am going to lose an arm from diabetes. ( or however that works). So like almond butter I make my own peanut butter. The building blocks of this butter is the same as with the almond butter; roast the nuts, throw them in a food processor and hack the hell out of them for a few minutes. Add a few spoons of raw sugar and a little bit of salt and your done. Read More