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backpacking recipe

Potato bark – Trail food magic

Bark is more awesome than it actually sounds. It’s the yen to trail food yang. It’s what separates the gourmet backpacking geniuses from the top ramen amateurs. I will be doing a lot of different trail bark recipes, but I will start with potato bark as it works as both trail chips and mashed potatoes. Energy rich and easy to make that adds a whole lot of taste!

2 lbs potatos – peeled. (1 kilo)
fat free broth – I use vegetable broth and about 1/3 cupSalt and pepper

skin the potatos and cook in a casserole for about 15-20 minutes until soft. Then drain and add vegetable broth, salt and pepper. Then mash the potatos – I use a hand mixer to mix it all. For variations you can add barbeque sauce and garlic powder.


Once all the ingredients are mixed your ready to spread the mix out on a paralexx sheet or baking paper. Be sure to spread relatively evenly over the entire sheet. This recipe and the 2 lbs of potatos is just right for the 15″ x  15″ Excalibur dehydrator.


135degrees for about 10 hours should be more than enough to make nice crispy potato bark!


I will add recipes to use the Potato bark on in my next post!

backpacking recipe

Making Ghee

There are different reasons why one should want to make ghee. For me I use it both at home and on the trail. It holds alot better than butter does and I just like the taste.

Tools needed:

1/2 cup butter (depending on how much you want)

Place the butter in a casserole and heat up


Once the butter is completely melted you will start to see the milk protein bubbling up to the surface.


Just scoop the milk protein out with a strainer


Continue to do this until all the milk protien is out.. this takes about 5-10 minutes total


dscf3085Once all the protein is filtered out the ghee has a nice yellow look to it. You can then pour this liquid into a jar directly or run it through the filter once more.


Once the ghee is done place it in a jar at give it some time to settle. Usually takes about a day to completely settle.