A few years back my first gear review I ever did on this site was a review of the Hilleberg Akto. I liked the tent but found it had too many faults to really consider it a keeper. I even wrote in that review that if Hilleberg were to fix the sagging innertent and lighten the tent to around 800grams that I would be more than happy to purchase the upgrade. A few years later and as I so humbly like to take credit for (though they probably have no clue who I am.. still), Hilleberg did upgrade their Akto with the Enan. While not 800grams, it is 1100grams complete in stuff sack with pegs. They did fix the sagging innertent and as an extra bonus even gave it a lot more ventilation allowing for better  air circulation and much less condensation.

The Hilleberg Enan has a small footprint, allowing setup in tight areas

I will start by saying that I love the Enan, I think it is an excellent tent, fun to use, fast and easy to setup that even a monkey could make it work. The enan is by far the easiest tent I have ever had the pleasure of setting up, even beating out the Mountain laurel designs Duomid in simplicity. A small tent pole and theoretically two pegs and your done. It really is that easy.

You might think that being a lighter tent, the Hilleberg Enan loses out on space, or “ruggedness” compared to the Akto. I beg to differ, this tent is made for the mountains, and all the weather than entails. I can gladly say that even in the heaviest of winds, worst of downpours and even light snow the Enan has held up really well.

Two large vents on eachside of the Enan allow for great air circulation


What is it:

The Hilleberg Enan is a single man, tunnel, coffin style, double walled tent and Hillebergs lightest tent in their line-up. People like to describe these tents as bomber, but honestly I hate the term, so I will stick with rugged, mountain tent for 3 season use. Though, for many people, the Enan would work just as well as a 4 season tent.


The Hilleberg enan 2016 variation that I have weighs 1200grams complete with all guylines, tent pegs and stuff sack. The 2016 variation uses Kerlon fabric 1000 which is a little heavier than the 2015 variation that uses Kerlon 600. Not the lightest single man tent on the market, but definitely not the heaviest either


Where the Akto lost me in a sagging innertent, weight and bad ventilation along with being a tight fit. The Enan fixes atleast most of these issues and because of no sagging innertent, the Enan even seems roomier. While I love the Enan experience, I don’t really want to be stuck in it for longer than just an overnight sleep. I find the coffin style one man tent to be just a little tight for my liking.


One tent to rule them all?

I think for most casual backpackers looking for just a single tent that they can have for 30 years in any weather conditions, the Hilleberg Enan, much like a lot of Hilleberg tents, is just that tent. It’s light enough for most backpackers, and robust enough to last a lifetime. On top of that it is extremely fast and easy to use. For taller people like myself at 6’3″ (190cm) I would suggest looking elsewhere as it may be a little to tight a fit for the long haul. If you are looking for an ultralight tent, then I would also suggest looking elsewhere as the enan is on the heavy side when compared to many competing tarp-tents. Though to be fair, most backpackers carry more than just a tarp, they usually have trekking poles (250grams minimum, inner-tent of some kind, 250 gram minimum, ground floor… so on and so forth)

However where Enan wins, and Hilleberg in general, is in quality. Your not going to find a better made tent anywhere. The attention to detail, the fabrics, the quality of the sew, there’s nothing quite like a Hilleberg, which is why I’m always willing to give Hilleberg a chance. There’s nothing quite like the look and feel of a Hilleberg and the Enan is no exception.

The Hilleberg Enan really is simplistic perfection. An excellent one man tent



As I stated in the beginning, I love the Hilleberg Enan. Maybe it’s the quality of the product, the ease of use, or perhaps it’s just the brand Hilleberg. Whatever it is it’s hard for me to part with this tent. If your somebody who wants a simple to setup, one solution for all conditions and don’t use trekking poles, then the Enan is hard to beat. However for me the Hilleberg Enan is a tent that is too small for my use. But it’s just so damn good.



  • Lightweight single man tent
  • Fast and easy to setup and use
  • Excellent build quality
  • Hilleberg
  • Great ventilation = lower condensation



  • Expensive when compare to most chinese manufactured competitors
  • Heavy for the size and living area


You can buy the Enan in Sweden at: https://backpackinglight.se/varumarken/hilleberg/

or Europe: https://backpackinglight.dk/brands/hilleberg




Posted by Kenneth Shaw

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  1. Thanks for your review. I wonder, what tent would you recommend for coastal winter weather? I have a Light Heart Gear solo tent that was almost flattened by wind last week on the Oregon Coast, it really is too lightweight for camping in 15+ mph wind, even with sand berms on 3 sides. I need a sturdier tent that is still lightweight enough for week long backpacking trips in windy, rainy weather in mildish temperatures of about 25-50 degrees F. I’m 5’2″, so interior size isn’t much of a problem. In short, do you think this tent could withstand that kind of wind abuse, or do you think the red label Hilleberg would be better? Thanks for your thoughts on this.


    1. I certainly think the Enan would be more than enough for that kind of use. I would even look at the Tartent Stratospire or even a Mountain laurel designs duomid. All three would work well for your needs. The Stratospire being the best of both worlds in my opinion – Roomy, two entry ways and exits, lightweight, stable in high winds and has a removeable innertent if you just want to use the fly. The Enan is a great, simple tent that doesn’t need trekking poles.


  2. Great, thanks for your help Kenneth.
    Happy Solstice,


  3. Thanks for your review. Since the Enan is not freestanding, I wonder if there would be a problem setting it up in places where it’s hard or impossible to get pegs in the ground?


    1. I was just about to write that I have never tried to pitch my tent where pegs wouldn’t go in. .then I remembered winter in Umeå (northern Sweden) I pitched my tent one night in -15c and no snow.. everything was rock hard so I had to use tree branches and rocks to pitch the Enan.. worked great!


  4. Hello – great review. Just like you, I’m 190cm. How restricted were you? In a sleeping bag – do you touch heel and head end to the fabric? Shoulders touching the fabric? Which would make the sleeping bag wet and after a few days not be so nice with accumulation.

    I’m keen on the light weight but I cannot get a tent if it is too small… then I’d rather get the Akto.

    So is the space a deal breaker for you?



    1. Hi Jonas,
      I would say the Enan has better useable space around head and feet – The inner tent fabric doesn’t sag like it does in the akto. Now, if your trying to choose between the Enan and Akto, and your concern is space, go with the Hilleberg Niak. Weighs about the same as the Akto and much much more living space. It’s also more or less freestanding. Otherwise go with the enan


  5. Unfortunately the condensation with my Enan is a big issue, even with the fly open. If the fly was a little less ground hugging and the triangular panels at each end of the fly had wider mesh, that might help. I’m going to ask Hilleberg for advice. Otherwise, it’s a good, if pricey tent for bike packing.
    Best regards


  6. I have to agree with last comment, condensation is dire in the Enan, for a quality tent at a premier price Hilleberg should be ashamed to market it. I purchased the Enan to replace the Akto so I have had a little experience with Hilleberg.
    I purchased the first version that was produced and the condensation and stretch of the material when wet makes the product a fail. There has been a few articles suggesting removal of inner and using footprint but would recommend using a tarp tent instead as it will shed wind much better than th Enan


  7. Thanks for your reply agreeing with the condensation issue that I have experienced with the Enan. I have been meaning to get in touch with Enan, so now I will. I’ll let you know what they say.


  8. That thing… is black. Well yeah, I know, Hilleberg consider its green… but hell…


  9. Philip Michell April 29, 2019 at 2:18 pm

    Which Hyperlite rucksack is that tucked in the vestibule – how are you finding it, is the fabric noisy – have you done a review etc? Cheers, Phil


    1. The windrider. I love the hmg packs, by far my favorite packs


  10. Regarding my issue with condensation, mentioned above. I did contact Hilleberg and they were helpful, offering to replace it with another tent. I asked if they could add to the ventilation, by opening up each end. I offered to pay any extra, but they were not prepared to modify the tent. So far I have not been able to do this myself. I will find a tent repair business in UK, prepared to amend the ventilation flaps at each end and will report back. Hilleberg did advise me to experiment with some method of raising the fly, possibly with a waterbottle. This to encourage more airflow and reduce the condensation.


  11. rickpittsburgh July 26, 2019 at 4:15 pm

    I will stick with my Soulo


  12. The Enan and the Akto are not the tents of choice for winter use. They will load up with snow on the head or footbox end of the tent and both ends will sag. Ive owned and sold both.

    Their larger 4 season tunnels are solid in this regard. Ive owned Hillebergs for years.

    Currently own the Soulo, Tarra, and the Saitaris is out on loan.

    I also own an Anjan and in a pinch you could prolly pully off a winter foray in it but due to the elevated outer(fly) its gonna be drafty and you could end up eating spindrift sandwiches.

    But its a 3 season tent and is designed for airflow.


  13. Yep, agree the Enan is a 3-season tent. Used it a few times this year, kayaking (sea) and cycle touring. Airflow could be improved, but yet to get it carried out.


  14. Hi,

    I consider using the Enan for a tour in Sarek around August-September. Do you think it can handle that?


    1. NO doubt! A great choice for sarek


      1. Thanks for the quick response.
        I will however consider exploring the Hilleberg Unna. I’m not quite happy with having the backpack in the apsis. Having a big pack in there makes everything quite narrow. Not sure though if it’s better when having everything inside the tent.
        Anyways, your judgement helps a lot.

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