I made a quick video about these shoes but thought I would complement the review with some pictures and a quick written review.

I have currently only used these shoes for total 20 kilometers so I can’t say I’m a complete expert on these shoes yet. I can say however that pretty much all shoes I ever have hurt my back after a few miles of walking and these ones have so far not delivered on the back pain. I took a nice non-stop 14 kilometer walk with all my gear in my pack (roughly 6 kilos) and my feet felt as if I hadn’t walked more than a few meters. That’s how good they are – I normally don’t gush over shoes, but these ones really are worth gushing over. They are light 220 grams each shoe (size 46), extremely comfortable and very breathable.

On friday I am heading off to Sarek to try the famous Fjällräven classic 110 kilometers; I have all the confidence in the world that these shoes are going to hold up. I had the Haglöfs LIM low GT shoes and they lasted about a day before they unfortunately caught on fire. I had no plans to get replacements, but I really liked even the comfort and support in the GT series so I decided to get the pair I knew would match my feet better – the non-goretex version. My feet hate gore-tex and generally non-breathable shoes altogether as my feet burn hot. On top of that the GT version got drenched after a few miles of hiking and that was it – water comes in and it never goes out.

The Haglöfs LIM low shoes are pretty old shoe by now – I guess they have been on the market for two years now so you can find them pretty cheap on sale these days. Buy them you won’t regret it if you are looking for an ultralight pair of hiking shoes!

Update: I have now gone over 200kilometers in these shoes including the week long up in northern sweden along kingstrail – they performed admirably. I bought some superfeet insoles and trekked through all kinds of terrain. My first impression of these shoes was completely correct; The Haglöfs LIM low shoes are excellent ultralight hiking shoes that dry quickly, are comfortable and relatively stable.

I am very happy with these shoes and when they wear out I will probably buy another pair.

Update and final status:

I’ve now had these shoes for over a year and around 700 kilometers on many different types of terrain. I can say they held up well and my initial review still holds strong. These shoes are extremely comfortable and I never once got any blisters or anything of the sort.

The negatives: 

  1. Don’t stub your toes.. there is of course no protection so it will hurt like hell.
  2. On certain types of terrain they don’t have very good grip – gravel and wet. I found myself slipping off the side of a volcano in Iceland on the loose gravel.

Here arom some pics of the Haglöfs LIM low after 700 kilometers of backpacking. I think they held up pretty well considering the terrain.

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  1. Hi! How do you think about this shoe compared to the Salomon’s XA pro 3D ?
    I just want to purchase the Salomon’s and see your vlog in Youtube, and found they in a same price.🙄


    1. No idea unfortunately.. though compared to whats on the market these days the LIM is not a very good shoe. Basic, no grip and no foot protection.. I hink I wrote this review 2 years ago or so..


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