I’m weak as hell when it comes to chocolate.. Or most things that require any kind of self discipline for that matter. But chocolate gets me the most, I’m surprised I still have all my limbs or at the least can still walk with the amount of chocolate I consume.. Maybe it’s all the hiking.

In any case what could be better than pecans, dates, walnuts and chocolate? An awesome and simple recipe that really spices up the ordinary dates based raw bars.

Tools needed:
Food processor

2 dl dates
1 dl pecans
1 dl walnuts
5-10 pieces dark chocolate


  1. Gut the seeds from the dates and toss in the food processor (I just squeeze the seeds out)

2. Place all the ingredients in the food processor

3. Hack them up into the consistency that you like (usually a minute or two)



4. Now  mush into beatiful little bars!

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  1. Oooh this look lovely <3


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