Here’s another easy ground stone that I use for many of my recipes. From energy bars to hiking snacks to breakfast, dried bananas is one of my most used.

Tools needed:



1. Chop your bananas into small slices

2. Place the banana slices into lemon juice

3. Place the slices on the dehydrator and run until dry. A standard temperature for dehydration is around 50 Celsius. How long depends on your dehydrator. Mine is just a cheap one I bought from a local grocery store. The process takes about 12 hours for me.

4. The chips will be ready when they have a nice color and a mix between crispy and slightly squishy 😉

Posted by Kenneth Shaw

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  1. Dehydration is a great way of dealing with bananas so ripe that they have started to go black. The resulting chips are far tastier than any I have bought.



    1. agreed!

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