This is my first video review for this site – hopefully it helps you!

Anyway, In this video I do a run down of the fantastic Ultralight backpack the Laufbursche Huckepack from german designers Laufbursche

I have the XL version of the Huckepack which is about 50-55 liter pack volume and ways 385 grams. The pack is frameless which means that every gram you put into is usable grams. This pack has allowed me to carry extra weight in the form of foam mat that I use both as an internal frame in my Huckepack, as well as added comfort under my Thermarest Xtherm. The foam mat is cut down to torso length and works excellent as an internal frame.

The Huckepack has three large net pockets on the outside, the main net pocket is where I store my SMD skyscape trekker with pegs, and the two sides pockets I have my water bottle, flashlights and Tenkara rod and gear in. The lid on this backpack is rather good as well, compared to most water tight or resistant lids where you twist down the material, this one you simply hook it in and fold it down. (hard to explain really) In any case it’s very well done. As I said in the video I really have nothing bad to say about the make and quality of this bag, it is an amazing pack and well worth the 5 week wait to get it. (wait list)

This bag does not make any compromises with regard to weight: They use only the lightest materials where possible, and when needed extra support in the bottom of the bag.

I only have one real concern regarding the materials used: How long will it last? While I don’t expect ultralight gear to last even half as long as more “expedition” heavy weight gear, I am a little concerned with regards to using the silicone nylon that this bag uses. However, only time will tell if it will hold up to all the demands I will place upon it.

I don’t really feel the need to expand too much on this review – the video really does give a pretty good rundown of this pack. Please leave comments or if you have any questions with regards to the Huckepack I will try to answer them as soon as possible.

Final verdict: 5 of 5. This is an excellent ultralight backpack well worth the €230 and 5 week backlog

one year update and expansion:

I felt with the new Huckepack on the horizon I felt it necessary to just expand on some of my views with regard to the old version. Now after have been using it for quite a few backpacking trips the longest up to a week with around 15 kilos of total weight. I feel I have a bit more to add here.

In my review I give a pretty positive picture of this pack, and gladly, a year later I am still very happy with it. In fact at the moment it is the only pack I have and use anymore. Though I do have one major issue – the hip belt is way too thing and when the weight of the pack reaches around 10 kilos you really start to notice this. Of course this is adressed in the newer pack, but as I only have the older pack…

Other than that, I have no gripes. If I were to go on longer trips or need a bit more weight than I will probably pick up the Gossamer gear Mariposa which has a built in frame and a bit higher weight rating. However with that said, the Huckepack will be my go to pack for quite a long time I feel.

here are some new pics:


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