This bread is by far my greatest contribution to the evolution of mankind.. It is the equivalent of at the least the pyramids of Gaza, at most the creation of man. Well, I don’t mean to be hyperbolic, but this really is fantastic bread. Trust me, if you try no other recipe that I ever put up, take the 10 minutes of your life to make this one. I love to have this bread around the house or on the hiking trail.

This is a hard cracker bread that is fairly easy to make and truly addicting. The biggest problem with this bread is over eating it. I don’t think the human body is meant to consume so many seeds at once, I found this out the hard way. Or I should say I am reminded of it everything I eat all of it at once… Which is every time I make it. 10 minutes to make, 5 minutes to eat and 5 hours on the toilet. So a friendly reminder: like all good things – too much is not good.

Tools needed:
Big bowl
Mixing spoon
Oven pan / cookie sheet
Baking paper

Seeds, seeds and more seeds…
1 dl pumpkin seeds
1 dl sunflower seeds
1/2 dl sesame seeds
1 dl flaxseed
2 dl corn flower
1 dl olive oil
2 dl hot water


1. Remember that big bowl from the tools needed section? Throw all the seeds in it together with the corn flower and olive oil

2. Now pour in the boiling water and mix everything together with that big spoon

3. Once the mixture gets pretty hard it’s time to place a couple of spoonfuls of the mixture on the baking paper.

4. Now place another baking paper sheet on top and smooth out with your hands till the bread is very thin. You could of course use a roller to flatten out the bread, but this is more hassle than it’s worth with this bread..

5. Now throw some sea salt on and place in the oven at 150 degrees Celsius for about 1 hour until brown and crispy.

Your done! Let cool off and try not to eat it all at once. I have no idea how long this bread lasts as it’s usually gone within a day or two and I’m licking the bottom of my bread basket for the last remaining crumbs.

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