Well this sucks.. I have been planning and longing for my coast to coast hike for about 5 months only to be bed ridden with fever and all around feelin shit when the time came around for the hike. Well, that’s just how things are sometimes. In any case I will post my actual packing list anyway.

It’s about time for my summer hiking season to start! I have a nice little 230 kilometer hike planned starting friday thru wednesday of next week. I will be meeting up with my buddies Jörgen and Jonas at Coast 2 Coast Sweden and hike with them to Varberg. I decided not to do the entire hike as I am now officially a “salary slave” and want to save some of my semester days for my other hikes. (well thats the official story anyway, the truth is that I don’t really care too much for the first part of the hike as it really flat, hard on the feet and dry). I will be taking the train down on the 13th and meet up with the crew at Svänö park. Or something like that. With this trip I don’t feel I need to plan too much as they give me all the maps and cordinates for the journey ahead of time.

You will see from my packing list that I don’t have much in the way of clothing or anything for real cold weather. I have my standard sleeping quilt which I have been down well under -5 in and I have one jacket with me. My Haglöfs LIM down jacket that weighs just 180 grams. More than this I don’t really see me needing as it should be pretty warm and dry throughout.

On top of this I will probably bring both my rainponcho and an umbrella – simply because it will be pretty hot and I like the cover and shade I get from the umbrella. If it rains, well I’ve got plenty of protection for that. Everything else here is pretty standard for me and my hiking. It’s the same setup I use for all trips pretty much year round with the exception being my sleeping mat.



Item Ounces Grams
Stuff Sack 2l 0.8 24
Stuff Sack 2l 0.8 24
Stuff Sack 2l 0.8 24
Zpacks Arc Blast 22.6 641
Zpacks Poncho Groundsheet 6.2 176
Ti Tent Peg 8st 3.3 94
Mld Duomid  w Stuff Sack 25.2 713
Klymit Torso Pad 11.6 330
Enlightened 20f Quilt 23.4 663
Thermarest Mini Pump 2 58
Mont-bell Comfort Pillow 2.8 80
Ul Sleep Pad 5.1 145
Sawyer Bag 16 0.9 25
Sawyer Mini 0.2 6
Snow Peak 900ml Ti 3.7 104
Sea To Summit Alu Spoon 0.4 12
Snow Peak Cozy 1.2 34
Caldera Cone Only 2.4 67
Houdini T Shirt 4.9 139
Msr Pack Towel 1.4 39
Rain Pants 8.3 236
Haglöfs Wind Pull 3.1 88
Haglöf Lim Essens Down Jacket 6.3 180
Bergans Layer 1 Wool Shirt 8.6 245
Bergans Wool Pants Layer 1 7.3 207
Black Diamnond Head Lamp 3.5 100
Lifesystems First Aid 2.7 77
Necessities – Toothbrush 8 20
Jungle Pil 1.1 31
Nivea 30 Sunscreen 2.4 68
Amazon Kindle 7.3 208
Powermonkey Battery Pack 8.8 250
Aaa Batteries 3.5 100
Myog Tripod 3.3 93
Sony Rx100 7.6 215
Umbrella 7.5 212
Suunto Ambit Watch 2.8 79
Iphone 5 W Lifeproof 5.3 151
Ray Ban Sun Glasses 0.8 22
As Tucas Pants 2.2 63
Aklima Woll Hoody 13.4 381
Haglöfs Cap 1.9 55
Haglöfs Lim Gt Low 19.8 560
Instant Coffee 1.7 47
Matches 0.4 11
Toilet Papper 0.7 20
Alcohol 4 Days 20ml Per Boil 14.1 400
Hot Chocolate 1.1 31
Food Per Day 24.7 700
Food Per Day 24.7 700
Food Per Day 24.7 700
Food Per Day 24.7 700
Food Per Day 24.7 700
Green Te 0.1 2
Green Te 0.1 2
Hot Chocolate 1.1 31
Hot Chocolate 1.1 31
total weight 391.1 11102
Total weight w/o worn, consume 201 5716

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