I am a pretty predictable person when it comes to certain things. In the morning I truly prefer routine over guess work. I shower, throw on some deo, same pair of jeans, same style shirt and sweater and same shoes. I limit my guess work so that my mind is on full drive for more important manners in life other than how I look and what shirt matches what pants.. I simply don’t care and don’t want to waste any energy at all thinking about it.

The same goes for my breakfast. I eat the same exact breakfast everyday and have done so far as long as I can remember. This breakfast is so important for my daily routine that I even make the exact same breakfast for when I’m hiking and this simple little recipe can be made in 5 minutes and minimal cost.

Tools needed:
Ziplock bags

Branflakes or any preferred cereal
Powdered milk

Optional but preferred:
Dried bananas

1. Fill the ziplock bag with about a cup of bran flakes, throw in the raisens, flaxseed and banana chips

2. About two table spoons is enough powdered milk for this particular breakfast mix

3. That’s it, your done! When on the trail I just throw the breakfast mix in my Jetboil mug, add cold water and eat.

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