In recent years I have switch to a more oatmeal based breakfast because it keeps me full much longer than a cereal based breakfast. Just 1 deciliter oatmeal will keep me full long after 3-4 hours. In any case I found that it’s just as easy to make an oatmeal based breakfast as it is for a milk and cereal breakfast while hiking. I would say easier.

Tools needed:

Ziplock bags

1 dl oatmeal



Chia seeds

Dried banana chips

Tablespoon sugar

1. Put the oatmeal, raisins, banana chips and more in a ziplock bag

2. Done

On the trail:

Empty the contents into a Jetboil mug or other kitchen set, add twice the amount of water I.e 1 dl oatmeal needs 2 dl water. Heat until it’s the consistency you like, and eat.

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