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My love for manual labour… ..

It’s hard to deny the therapeutic value of manual labour.  Not brain dead labour, manual hard labour. I have always been a fairly “brain” driven person. Meaning I would rather pick up a book than a hammer. But as time goes by I have realised one big truth, at least for me: Manual labour is an amazing therapeutic venture. I have different activities that I consider manual labour, and I find myself gravitating more and more towards these activities. I find that my ambitions of money, power and success are not and have never made me happy. The more money I made the more sick and burnt out I felt. Never in my life have I been so stressed out as when I had my restaurants, hedge fund and consultancy firm. To be honest, the stress sucked the life out of me. I hated it and when I came home I threw myself on the sofa and died slowly every day without ever really living.  Read More

Trip report

A long days hike along Sörmlandsleden

What was initially meant to be a nice walk in the woods split up with dinner by campfire and a cold beer, ended up being a 28kilometer walk and sore feet. My thought was that I needed to get in the woods and have some “me” time. Which is usually the case when I’m feeling the winter blues. Or for the most part, I get down whenever I don’t venture off into the woods with my gear on my back. However, once I got out in the woods I found in my soul what I really needed was a long brutal walk…  And that was exactly what I got.  Read More


Ultralight and Comfortable: The book

Hi guys!

Just want to make a quick post here with regards to my book Ultralight and comfortable – keep in mind this is a three season primer. Also, this is a work in constant updates. Think of it as an IOS app, as long as you buy the original you will even get access to the updates. Version 1.5 will soon be out with a new chapter and a few other updates.

Last but not least, don’t forget about my Giveaway for the Bushbuddy ultra! more can be read about that here. There is only two weeks left before I give this bad boy away.

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Daily pic: the duomid on water

I took this pic with my fuji x-t1 along my Southern Kingstrail adventure in late September. I had been hiking for around 13 hours at this point and just completely dead. On top of the long day of backpacking, the trail was completely drenched, and for the most part I was walking in about 10 inches of water the entire time. To say the least I was sick and tired of the wet trail, the problem was I couldn’t find a dry spot anywhere to put up my duomid and just sleep. Read More

Gear reviews

Gear Review: The Svea 123

What can I say about this legendary hiking stove that hasn’t already been said? Honestly, there is so much written about this stove that I won’t bother trying to be original and just accept the fact that sometimes all that is needed is a new twist on an old subject. In any case I have owned my little Svea 123 for well over 6 years now and it was my first stove I really bought since making my conversion over to lightweight packing. Read More

Gear closet

New section: Your gear closet!

Today I decided to start a new section here on ultralightandcomfortable.com that I think could be pretty cool: Your gear closet. Basically I want you (the visitors to this site) to take a pic of your gear closet and send it in and I will feature it here. I will start off with a picture from my gear closet and a quick description of what I have here.

In you description you can add website links (your own blog), specify what gear you have and if possible a cool thing would be to include weight (I use excel so I will just print out my list). I think to make this a little fun we should focus on the big three and maybe that “1” luxury item that we all bring with us. A bit wacky, not essential but makes the trip so much more enjoyable! Read More


Winter misery and summer dreaming

This time of year in Sweden is always terrible for hiking.. October till January. Gets dark around 3pm, sun comes up around 8am, rainy, cold and miserable. So my hiking becomes somewhat limited around this time and I start dreaming about better days. You will notice my posts drop substantially as well.. mainly because I don’t go out.  Read More


Now available: The politically incorrect guide to becoming an ultralight bad-ass

Ultralight and comfortable: The politically incorrect guide to becoming an ultralight bad-ass, is now available at the Amazon store for distribution worldwide.


Click on the above picture to order via Amazon

With regards to those of you who have pre-ordered the book: I had to cancel the pre-order process as Amazon would not update the book in time for you to get the finsihed copy. They still had a draft that needed a lot of extra work. (in my opinion) So I cancelled all pre-orders and refunded the money so that I could be sure that you guys would get the best version at the start of the release.

Praise and/or condemnation:

Learn from a Pro who has hiked the last quadrillon years facing the final frontier and lived off the land? Or learn from a guy just like you who manages to go light, kick ass and ultimately enjoys his time outdoors? Your choice, but Ken Shaw offers insight into the lightweight world that leaves you with the feeling of ” I can do that too!”
Carsten Jost (AT und PCT Thruhiker)

” I like it (this book), the disrespectful tone, the no-holds-barred non-balanced way of describing your experiences. Probably because it is just the opposite of my own writing. And a good complement. This book is intended to irritate the hell out of the reader.” Jörgen Johansson – http://www.fjaderlatt.se author Smarter backpacking