What can I say? I love energy bars and as a start to this new section in Ultralight and Comfortable I will start with the worlds easiest and possibly one of the best energy bar recipes. I can literally make this energy bar in 5 minutes. This bar has more nutritional value than a snickers bar and is a hell of a lot tastier! On top of that it’s easy to make and fits within my philosophy of less is more.

Tools you need:

Food processor


1 portion dry (mushy fresh) dates – not the hard dried out sort. Just pinch the seed out before throwing in the processor

1 portion cashews


Some dates


more or less equal portion cashews

How to prepare:

  1. Throw the dates and cashews into the food processor – press on for 3 minutes and viola!


2. Now mash the chopped ingredients in your hands into the form you wish. I prefer          the simple but elegant “mushed bar” effect.


3. Wrap in plastic

4. Place in fridge or eat directly






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