Ok, so the first part of this planning process was the actual trip, I find no new info here that is worth adding to the trip planning, (well except that this trip is now a solo trek as my hiking buddy is rather sick). Instead I will focus on what gear I will be bringing and why. Basically I have same setup but I made a few changes this time around. I will start with the complete gear list first:

Gear list:

Item Ounces Grams
Zpacks Arc Blast 22.6 641
Stuff Sack 2l 0.8 24
Stuff Sack 4l 1.2 33
Stuff Sack 4l 1.2 33
Mld Duomid Stuff Sack 25.2 713
Ti Tent Peg 8st 3.3 94
Gossamer Gear Ground Cloth 2.4 69
Mont-bell Comfort Pillow 2.8 80
Enlightened 20f Quilt 23.4 663
Sleep Mask 0.4 11
Sleeping Pills 0.4 10
Klymit Torso Pad 11.6 330
Ul Sleep Pad 5.1 145
Sea To Summit Alu Spoon 0.4 12
Plastic Fold Cup 0.8 24
Jetboil Ti 8.7 246
Zeffen Water Bottle 3.1 89
Houdini T Shirt 4.9 139
Msr Pack Towel 1.4 39
Woolpower Thick Socks 2.3 65
Liner Gloves 1.8 50
Haglöfs Wind Pull 3.1 88
Haglöf Lim Essens Down Jacket 6.3 180
Woolpower Thick Pants 6.2 175
Mld Waterproof Mittens 1.6 46
Patagonia Torrent Houdini Rain Jacket 6.6 188
Patagonia Grey Sweater Layer 2 13.9 394
Rain Pants 8.3 236
Sythetic Undies 1.9 55
Woolpower Thin Socks 1.3 36
Lifesystems First Aid 2.7 77
Amazon Kindle 7.3 208
Ul Teeth Care 1 27
Sony Rx100 7.6 215
Usb Cables 2.2 61
Sony Action Cam Mini + Battery 2.2 62
Sony Action Extra Battery 0.5 15
Sony Action Extra Battery 0.5 15
Sony Action Extra Battery 0.5 15
Sony Action Extra Battery 0.5 15
Globalstar Satphone 7.1 202
13000 Battery Pack 12.3 348
Lithium 4400 Battery Charger 4.1 116
Gorillapod Tripod 6.8 193
Emergency Blanket 3.5 99
Camp Sandals 5.4 153
Suunto Ambit Watch 2.8 79
Iphone 5 W Lifeproof 5.3 151
Ray Ban Sun Glasses 0.8 22
As Tucas Pants 2.2 63
Aklima Woll Hoody 13.4 381
Haglöfs Cap 1.9 55
Haglöfs Lim Gt Low 19.8 560
Tierra Beenie 1.1 31
Black Daimond Walking Sticks 13.4 379
Matches 0.4 11
Instant Coffee 1.7 47
Green Te 0.1 2
Green Te 0.1 2
Green Te 0.1 2
Green Te 0.1 2
Green Te 0.1 2
Toilet Papper 0.7 20
Hot Chocolate 1.1 31
Food Per Day 24.7 700
Food Per Day 24.7 700
Food Per Day 24.7 700
Food Per Day 24.7 700
Food Per Day 24.7 700
Food Per Day 24.7 700
Peanuts 10.6 300
Total ex consumeables 237.2 6729
total 400.4 11348



This time around I will be bringing my Klymit Inertia X wave 3/4 length which I find to be comfortable and light. I like this pad as it is light and comfortable and works surprisingly good with my Enlightened equipment quilt. I will also bring a UL foam pad to place under this and as usual just to have something to sit on when I stop and rest.



Nothing strange here – Still opting to use my sil-nylon MLD Duomid. While I am looking for new gear to test, at the moment for this trip I want to use what I am used to and trust. For my full review of the Duomid you can read here



Using my 55liter Zpacks. I find this pack to be adequate up to a weeks travel with my gear. I suppose more ultalight geeks would be able to get two, but I always find it’s pretty filled with a weeks worth of food and packing.



Rain gear:

This is really where my biggest change in gear has come besides my camera. I usually use a zpacks poncho groundsheet, but decided this time to try a traditional rain gear setup. So I have Patagonia Alpine houdini which weighs in at around 180 grams. Should keep me dry enough. For my backpack I have the ultralight and super incredible trash bag inner liner to keep everything dry. I have also opted to drop all my side pockets and so on in order to expose as little as possible to downpours. My rain pants are just some old pants I bought at a second hand about 10 years ago and cut out the inner liner. I paid about $1.00 for these pants and they are completely water tight and fairly light at 232 grams.


me in the Patagonia alpine houdine rain jacket


I will be bringing my Jetboil TI this time around instead of my trusty Tri-ti stove. No particular reason really, just want to have new gear to write about.



A globalstar satphone – because I prefer talking with my wife than sending a delayed, pre-programmed sms to her. Just feels a lot better when I can hear her and Alexanders voice after a long walk.


Camera gear:

For the last year or so I have been using the Fujifilm X-t1 but decided for this trip to bring the Sony RX100 that I bought used for $100. I figured some people can take kick ass photos with an iphone, I should be able to get some good shots with a Sony Rx-100. I will also be bringing my Sony mini action cam with a backpack mount. Mainly for timelapse and shorter video sequences.

What really sucks is that I lost my mini- home made tripod so I have to bring the heavier and shorter gorillapod.



Maybe, maybe not:

As I have the option to leave some gear at the lockers in Reykjavik, I am bringing along a few extra things that may or may not end up on the actual trip with me.

Mainly my grey patagonia jacket – as I have a dune jacket and thick aklima hoody shirt with me, unless the weather is really cold and wet, I have no need to bring this with me.

Camp sandals – always nice to have.. but…

To sum it up:

Well 6.7 kilos is not super ultra light, you can tell by my list it’s still light and crazy comfortable. My hike and my camp is going to be awesome. I will be safe, warm and comfortable for the entire time I’m out. As a bonus I won’t be hurting like I just got sodomized by a 500 lbs gorilla after my week is done. (Yes all you heavy miserables out there.. I’ve seen you after carrying your 20 kilo bags for a week.. begging other people to carry your gear because your legs and back are destroyed)




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  3. I have the Patagonia Houdini (windjacket version), and I’ve been looking at the Alpine version instead of rainjacket since I already have the pants. What is your take on the jacket, did it work out for you and what kind of weather did you experience? The pants wet through where the pack rubbed against it, but it took some time.


    1. Hi, sorry about the delay in response here.. didn’t see your message until now. Anyway, the alpine just is good enough. When I had it in iceland in rained non-stop for 3 days and 2 hard days in Northern sweden among many trips inbetween. I haven’t noticed any major problems with the jacket to be honest.

      With that said I can never really tell where my wetness comes from when I’m trekking.. it certainly gets moist when wearing the jacket, but it’s probably more because of my sweat than rain.


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