Back in march 2015 I took a three day hike through Skuleberget with Fjällräven during their Winter classic. These photos were all taken with my Sony A7R and 24-70mm zeiss lens. Pictures turned out decent enough, though I made the switch to Fujifilm after this trip for various reason.

I can’t say anything bad about the trip: The landscape was incredible and the hospitality that you get on a Fjällräven organised trip is excellent. On top of that I love winter camping. This was my first time actually doing a group trip, while I prefer solo or small groups,  this was worth it.

I have already written a trip report about this here so I will spare the details. I did have a total pack weight of around 7 kilos for this trip.. A bit much, but I was warm and happy so I don’t mind.

In any case here are some of the better photos during this series:      6495925_orig




DSC06690 DSC06698 DSC06591 DSC06424

I found the MLD Supermid to be the perfect shelter for this particular winter trip.


Wind was pretty heavy on the winter classic, while I didn’t feel the need to build massive wind barriers (tent upper left), I did put snow around the perimeter. Worked excellently! On most trips I would bring the Duomid only, but this one called for the Supermid as we were two very large people sharing.





Me looking rather stunning with my ultralight pack after a non-stop vertical climb up Skuleberget. For the record I was carrying the tent for both of us.  The gear list you can check out my trip report

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