I needed some last minute inspiration to finish up my book on being an ultralight bad-ass, so I took a 15 kilometer hike through Tyresta national park here in Stockholm. It was lovely as I went off trail and let myself get lost, started to get dark and in the forest, dark means near pitch black. Really gets the senses working on full blast as I didn’t want to use a lamp.. I just wanted to be lost and feel a little fright.

Me in my usual outdoor clothes.. Looking rather outdoorsy…  

 The trail is there… Somewhere


Because nature should be used as a trash can! People that do this are as awesome as genital herpes

In any case here is a time lapse.. this is simply just me lying around writing some notes down and enjoying a cup of coffee in the last hours of daylight before the real adventure started.

I like a quick timelapse.. Don’t know if anybody else cares for them, but I think they are enjoyable anyway. Testing out my new MYOG tripod which works wonderfully!

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