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Daily pic: metal thingy

Not the most inspiring title in the world, but kind of works 🙂 When I was back home in Herlong, California back in 2013 me and my parents took the UTV out (bigger ATV) onto Honey lake. We cruised around for a good several hours and as the sun was setting over the Sierra Nevada mountain range we stumbled upon this enormous metal thingy lying there on the dried out lake bed. It was fairly surreal just how large this was, the picture doesn’t really do it any justice in that manner. I used a 12mm lens on my full frame sony A7R and had the camera very close on a tripod. This is a series of three exposures – HDR in other words.

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daily pic

Daily pic: The long wet road

This picture was taken outside of Fulufjället in central Sweden. I believe this was on the third day of a five day hike. Anyway, I was pretty sick and tired of how wet this trail was. I of course should have been well accustomed to the wetness by the third day but my feet hadn’t been dry for more than five minutes when I came across this lovely section of the trail. Read More

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I have been many places in my life, I was born in japan, raised on Honululu Hawaii, currently living in Stockholm Sweden by way of Umeå and Sävar Sweden. There is one place however that I call “home”. I grew up here, had my first love, found out who I was and at the time what I wanted to be. When I lived here all I wanted was to leave, and to this day I couldn’t see myself living here again. But for all it’s weaknesses, decay and desperation; I still call Herlong, California my Home. Read More