I took this pic with my fuji x-t1 along my Southern Kingstrail adventure in late September. I had been hiking for around 13 hours at this point and just completely dead. On top of the long day of backpacking, the trail was completely drenched, and for the most part I was walking in about 10 inches of water the entire time. To say the least I was sick and tired of the wet trail, the problem was I couldn’t find a dry spot anywhere to put up my duomid and just sleep.

Anyway, as I came up on a little plateau I found a spot that was less wet and decided to put up my mld duomid there. The temperature dropped fast and within a few hours after this picture was taken I found that it was around freezing… I was nice and toasty, and as always I had an extra pair of dry everything so I was pretty cozy as well. I did not want to creep out of my quilt though… I ended up laying in bed till around 9 a.m..

Anyway merry Christmas to everyone and I hope you all have a great day!

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