I came up with what I believe is a pretty fun giveaway here. I have way too much equipment at home so I thought I would start with a nice little christmas giveaway. My book Ultralight and comfortable the politically incorrect guide to becoming an ultralight bad-ass, has been selling pretty decently on Amazon, however the reviews have been a bit slow (and reviews are good for everyone!). So What I will do is simply a reviews giveaway. For those of you that have purchased the book, leave a review and you will be automatically entered to with the Bushbuddy ultra woodgas stove. 

The Bushbuddy is by far the best woodgas stove on the market and they are handmade in northern Canada by Fritz Handel. For more detailed info about the stove you can visit the bushbuddy website  or read my review on this exact stove here.

Weight: 153grams

Fuel: Wood

Size: fits in a snowpeak 900 casserole

New price: $100

I purchased the Bushbuddy mainly for review purposes. I promise it still works exactly like it’s supposed to, just looks a little used.



The rules:

Leave a review on amazon for my book once you have read it (purchased, borrowed or stolen) Notice: The review does not have to be good or bad, just an honest reflection. 

The winner will be announced here on the ultralightandcomfortable.com website and on the Ultralight and comfortable facebook site by the end of January 2016

You will have to claim the prize within two weeks of the announcement (your amazon name will be given in the winning post)

The winner is chosen randomly by a highly sophisticated algorithm (I will blindfold myself, do several twirls and point at the screen)

Regions: This competition is available to North and South american contestants, EU and Europe (non EU members Norway and Switzerland)




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