Finally, after working diligently for a few weeks than lazily for a few months my first book in my ultralight series is near completion and release date is set for November 30, pre-orders are available.


Ultralight and Comfortable or the offensive and absurd guide to being an ultralight badass is a book more about having fun and being free in nature than anything else. I go through my own philosophies in life and hiking in general as well as go through some of the major key points in making the transition from heavy-miserable to ultralight badass.

More importantly, I write about my own experiences in my own manner. This is not meant to be an end all be all book of facts on hiking. It is simply meant to be a fun weekend read for people who want to at-least dabble in not being miserable while out hiking. Keep in mind it could be as the title suggest “slightly offensive”, so if you are a sensitive person I would suggest reading something else.

Have fun!

Posted by Kenneth Shaw

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    1. It’s kind of a warning about hat to expect 😉


  1. Sounds good to me – ordered! I take it my local Scout troop would find it a bit salty?


  2. Ordered! I expect that this book will be a bit salty for the local scout troop?


    1. Yeah… No… Not a book for kids. I am a bit vulgar and not so politically correct..


  3. The world needs less political correctness, it’s making people too soft! Sorry about the dual comment, I lost my first one in login.


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