I started writing a trip report about this trail here, and you can see part one of the gallery here. I wanted to make just a simple post with the pictures together in a gallery. I will also be adding video over on my youtube channel as well. This is part two of the 2 part series

This series starts from Fulufjället (fulu nationalpark) where Swedens largest waterfall, Njupeskär is, as well as one of the worlds oldest living specimens. An old Norwegian spruce tree which is estimated to be around 9500 years old. 

Fulufjället was by far the highlight of the entire trip, amazing scenery and amazing trails. I will be back to Fulufjället!

I had my Fujifilm x-t1 and 18mm lens as well as the samyang 12mm prime lens. I felt both lenses where excellent and you can see from the pictures below that the quality of and depth of pictures taken on the x-t1 is hard to beat. This trip was taken in late september so it’s very wet and very autumn ish.

DSCF5183 DSCF5208

This was at the top of the mountain range.. just flat and long as far as the eye could see

DSCF5209 DSCF5224 DSCF5251

I woke up at 4a.m to take pictures of the red moon.. however waking up at 4a.m has a strange effect on me called – dazed and confused.. this led me to take pictures of the stars and completely forget about the once in a lifetime red moon.

DSCF5271 DSCF5288

be sure to click on these panoramas to get the full picture!

DSCF5289 DSCF5295 DSCF5296

I didn’t run across too many hikers out on the trail, but this guy I met after about three days on the trail.


My supply of coffee ran out after day 3.. I was getting a massive headache from coffee withdraws and this little cabin saved my ass. It had an emergency shelf that had a bag of coffee!


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