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Ebook – Herlong, CA. My hometown

I’ve decided after much contemplation that I need to release my gallerys or photo projects in book form instead. While .pdf might not be the best for presenting my projects it’s still considerably better than web format 🙂 Anyway, I actually wrote this article a few years ago and even put together this book along with it. I have made a few updates to the text, otherwise this is my hometown in pictures: Herlong, California

Herlong photo book in PDF

Herlong photo book in Ibooks

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One week left for Bushbuddy giveaway!

Just want to remind everyone that has purchased my book Ultralight and Comfortable that the giveaway for the Bushbuddy ultra is in one week. Saturday 30 January I will be giving away the incredible Bushbuddy ultra woodgas stove.

Review of the giveaway, entry and rules:

My book Ultralight and comfortable the politically incorrect guide to becoming an ultralight bad-ass, has been selling pretty decently on Amazon, however the reviews have been a bit slow (and reviews are good for everyone!). So What I will do is simply a reviews giveaway. For those of you that have purchased the book, leave a review and you will be automatically entered to with the Bushbuddy ultra woodgas stove.

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Ultralight and Comfortable: The book

Hi guys!

Just want to make a quick post here with regards to my book Ultralight and comfortable – keep in mind this is a three season primer. Also, this is a work in constant updates. Think of it as an IOS app, as long as you buy the original you will even get access to the updates. Version 1.5 will soon be out with a new chapter and a few other updates.

Last but not least, don’t forget about my Giveaway for the Bushbuddy ultra! more can be read about that here. There is only two weeks left before I give this bad boy away.

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Now available: The politically incorrect guide to becoming an ultralight bad-ass

Ultralight and comfortable: The politically incorrect guide to becoming an ultralight bad-ass, is now available at the Amazon store for distribution worldwide.


Click on the above picture to order via Amazon

With regards to those of you who have pre-ordered the book: I had to cancel the pre-order process as Amazon would not update the book in time for you to get the finsihed copy. They still had a draft that needed a lot of extra work. (in my opinion) So I cancelled all pre-orders and refunded the money so that I could be sure that you guys would get the best version at the start of the release.

Praise and/or condemnation:

Learn from a Pro who has hiked the last quadrillon years facing the final frontier and lived off the land? Or learn from a guy just like you who manages to go light, kick ass and ultimately enjoys his time outdoors? Your choice, but Ken Shaw offers insight into the lightweight world that leaves you with the feeling of ” I can do that too!”
Carsten Jost (AT und PCT Thruhiker)

” I like it (this book), the disrespectful tone, the no-holds-barred non-balanced way of describing your experiences. Probably because it is just the opposite of my own writing. And a good complement. This book is intended to irritate the hell out of the reader.” Jörgen Johansson – author Smarter backpacking