I really enjoyed my time at the german trade show, got to meet a lot of nice people and talked with a lot of representatives from many different companies. The show is massive and I’m happy I took the 4 days to really see as much as I could… Even four days wasn’t enough.

I was impressed by the focus on the ecological processes and social responsibility that most companies made a drive towards. We can no longer state that it’s just patagonia thinking about these principals. They may have started the trend, but the others are catching on and pushing it forward. I also don’t think this trend is purely consumer driven, I get the impression that many of these companies are asking the important questions and getting ahead of the trend before the average consumer is there.


The Haglöfs LIM Bield rain jacket and shorts are in my opinion absolutely brilliant. 165grams for the large jacket and 20000mm water resistance. Taped seams, breathable and stronger material than gore-tex. 



Sea to summit showing off their new Spcialist solo and duo.. The solo weighs 445grams and the duo comes in at just 633grams. (these weighs are minus tent poles and pegs)

IMG_2065The nano puff getting lighter and lighter.



The backside of the much anticipated Osprey Levity 45 and Levity 60. This pack will be available spring 2018 at an estimated price of $240.

IMG_4379The front and side of the Osprey Levity 60


I liked the coleman booth – glamping at it’s finest!


Ultralight hammock by Sea to summit – 155grams.

IMG_1506Nice looking packs from Haglöfs


Me being sandwhiched between two of the four Gossamer gear gang. Nice chat and planning for the future. Grant on the left and Glen on the right. Amazing story Gossamer gear, started with Glen sewing his own gear and eventually expanding to meet demands. Inspiring stuff from a great group of guys!

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  1. Håller som bäst på att försöka göra ett klokt val vid byte till lättare tält.
    Sea to Summit Duo ser intressant ut, fick du chans att kika närmare på det/hann du skaffa dig någon uppfattning?
    Detta verkar kunna glida upp som en utmanare till de andra jag lagt till på min lista (Gossamer Gear: The One och Six Moon Designs: Skyscape Trekker).

    Tack för trevlig läsning och bra blogg!


    1. Ja, lite osäker kring just de sea to summit tält.. men positivt är att man kan gå till vilken affär man vill och köpa och testa! Men gossamer gear har en ny på gång som är en duo variant av sin one.. kan vara bra!

      Sedan personligen tycker jag att mld trailstar eller duomid är svåra att slå. Skyscape trekker är lätt men väldigt liten.

      Tack för komplimangerna!


      1. Tack för kloka synpunkter!
        Jakten går vidare 🙂

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