Being as the current election cycle in the USA is in full craziness, I thought I would add my two cents.. mainly for fun but also to be the observer on the outside looking in. Writing about what I see is going on.

As of right now the bigger voting scandal is breaking the airwaves.. The real scandal about how Clinton and the DNC have tried to and succeeded in undermining the Sanders campaign. (Not the ridiculous made up shit the republican like to make up everyother week) My guess is that this is only the tip of the iceberg and more will be exposed as time passes. With this said Clinton has more or less lost the progressive left vote – They tend not to be as forgiving or near sighted as their brethren on the right. So Clintons main strategy as of this moment is “I’m a Woman, I can do this, no matter how bad that taste in your mouth is, it’s probably better than what the Russian sponsored Hitler is selling you on the other side!”. That’s right, the democrats have gone full McCarthy on Trump. You as a voter are supposed to be so scared that you will no matter what Hillary’s policies are, will vote for her. Now, luckily we have hindsight as a guidance and usually a determiner of future behaviors and outcome.

Hillary unfortunately wants to run the same policies that her husband did, because as she likes to claim “it created great wealth and prosperity”. Of course the direct policies that her republican husband put in place may or may not have had a direct effect on the 1990’s prosperity, I say may or may not because most policy decisions take years upon years to be fully realized by the economy and society as a whole. What we do know is that Bills policies had a direct effect on the crash of the economy and banking in 2007 together with Bushes own catastrophic wars and tax policies.

We know that Bill signed into law the NAFTA agreement, which has been a complete failure for both Mexican and American workers.

We know that Bill repealed the Glass steagall act – which not only helped crash the stock market, but also helped create the “too big to fail banks” that the taxpayers had to go in and bail out.

We know that Bill deregulated the airwaves – making polarized, corporate monopoly style news a reality – and the retardation of an entire nation possible.

We know that Bill paved the way for massive incarceration of black men by passing into law the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act.. Bill has later stated that the mass incarceration was simply “a sad consequence” of this law.

We know that Bill also put into law the low income home act – While noble in it’s intent.. Combined with the manic deregulating of banks was the equivalent of dousing your body in gasoline then wanting a cigarette..

Bill also postponed and basically shitted on the proposed climate deal of that time the Kyoto agreement, instead not willing to make the choice let Bush kill it off altogether.

Now, I could go on and on but let’s be honest, I could write a book about how Clinton’s record has destroyed not only the fabric of the American middle class but also destroyed the left Democratic party. The Democrats are now quite simply another arm of the Republican conservative party.

Before you righties clap yourselves on the back – remember this: These policies where republican policies that Clinton simply picked up and pushed through. You guys were too busy trying to impeach your republican president for getting a blowjob in office.  That’s how petty and pathetic the right was, has been and is. The right for their part are always looking for the next scandal, conspiracy or some other crazy shit – usually crazy shit their own party members do routinely but the left doesn’t want to stoop that low. The mental capacity of half the nation has sunk so low that it is only a natural occurrence that Trump would appear.

Now I know my lefty friends will sit here and say “well hold on, what about reagan, bush and the republican controlled congress? What about the corporately owned congress, senate and supreme court?” And I would say, wake up – the democratic and republican party are one and the same. Does it matter if only right wing politicians are hired? Only a little.. The policies are so overlapping that it really doesn’t matter.

In anycase, so here we are with two steaming, stinking piles of shit that we are suppose to vote on. Both are looking at the other and saying “look, that pile of shit over there is much worse, so you have to vote for my stinking pile of shit instead”.

With that said who is Trump?  What will he do as president? And most importantly, can Trump win?

First off lets tackle the idea of who is trump? People like to reference his books and say “This is Trump”. But of course Trumps own ghostwriters (the people who actually wrote his books) say that he is impossible to get to know because he has the patience and mentality of a bullying two year old. So most of his ghostwriters just made shit up to sell books. Don’t believe me? Look it up for yourself.

  • The truth is nobody really knows who he is. He’s like a pile of jello that forms and reforms depending on the circumstance. He changes stances and ideas daily. One minute he is for something, then the next against. There is nothing about him that is constant and with that, nobody has a clue about him.
  • He is riddled with a dirty past. What we see is someone that has gone above and beyond to destroy, humiliate and bully the little guy. There are hundreds of reports from people that have worked with him that have gotten screwed over. Mainly, the small business owners and middle class citizens that he proposes he will help.
  • This week he loves to talk about Law and Order. He sees an America in total chaos. Policemen getting raped and killed at every corner, the military getting put on their knees before weak, pathetic nations.
  • He wants to build a trillion dollar wall to keep mexicans out
  • He will or will not support Nato.. Who knows.
  • He loves or does not love Putin.. Who knows
  • He hates clinton and Obama and everything they have done
  • We know he has no shame and is more than willing to do whatever he wants with other peoples money. Ie his trump foundation for veterans where he has given exactly 0 cents to the veterans and all the money to himself. His campaign money that he has received he has illegally spent on himself through his various corporations – which by the way is very illegal and will probably amount to some kind of prosecution.


What will Trump do as president?

Your guess is as good as mine. Like all recent presidents before him, we have to follow the money and see what his owners are telling him to do. We know that he is owned by the big banks (10 billion dollars or more to be exact are owned by his banking masters). We know that he probably wants to build a massive wall inorder to enrich himself and his contractors. We also know that he is starting to take financing from coal and energy companies: Hence is new found love of coal. We also know he is taking money from war corporations, hence his new found love of war.

So I think we can atleast agree on several things that trump will do as president:

  1. He will start or continue the current levels of military spending (which make up nearly the entire budget now). He will also need to bomb new nations.
  2. He will increase military equipment spending by the police force.
  3. He will crack down on any and all left wing protest movements and free speech (that is what the terminology “Law and order” has historically meant)

Other than this, I really have no idea what he will do or try to do. He changes policies, ideas and positions every other day. Today he announced minimum wage increase to $10 per hour. This will probably change once his corporate masters tell him no. Trump unlike many other politicians has a habit of thinking out loud and using his mouth as his brain.

Now for the interesting part.. Can Trump win enough votes from the left to be elected president?

At this moment in time I really think Trump has a very good chance to win the general election. As batshit crazy as this man is, as much as many people understand that he will virtually create a police state where police terrorism is the norm, as much as people understand giving him the controls to the nation is the equivalent of giving them to a three year old, many people on the left aren’t sold on the “Adolf Trump” McCarthyism that Hillary is trying to sell.

So how does Trump win enough votes?

  1. Many people on the left simply will not support Clinton, hence the votes will go to third party or stay at home.
  2. The right will vote right no matter what – that is the effects of a radicalised political wing. They will vote no matter what or who is their figurehead – because the other side is the equivalent of voting for a godless devil. While the left is trying to capture and radicalise their voters, it is too late in the game. The Right has been working on this for over 30 years.
  3. Trump needs to keep his mouth shut. If he could hold one press conference now and no debates until election time he could pull this off. Hillary has a wish to bury herself, all trump has to do is be quite and let the other sides craziness and corruption outweigh his own.
  4. Now if Trump must speak, than he should speak in terms of “unity, support” and of course key words such as “kill free trade, no more stupid wars, crony capitalism, money in politics” and so on.
  5. Drop the rhetoric of wanting to create a police state. We are in essence already a police state, but by making it public he is also promoting it’s values. Making this reality an accepted part of everyday life – hence no reason to change.
  6. Drop the wall and promote rebuilding America instead. Put those trillions of dollars into real structural change and growth, instead of on a shit wall that nobody wants.
  7. He needs to erase his past – His constant, shameless abuse of middle class and small business owners is hard to swallow for most people on the left. In general past transgressions aren’t much of a problem for righties to accept or lefties to accept as long as the person running “is their own”. Also, rewriting history for republicans isn’t normally a problem as they often say “we own the news, so we own history”.

Now, I know this sounds like a satirical piece, it really isn’t. I truly believe that Trump could very well win, and to be honest I’m not sure if that is a better or worse reality than a Clinton candidacy. I don’t buy into the “red scare” that the democrats are trying to sell, and to me, I think the democrats are trying to play a game that the republicans will always win. After all, The republicans have had limbaugh and alex jones preaching ten foil hats and craziness for years… The democrats are only now trying to play that game.

To be honest, I am lining up my dice now. If I roll a 1,  I will vote Hillary, 3- 5 I will vote sanders, 2-4 I will vote trump and 6 I say fuck it, I’m not playing this travesty of a game, the illusion of democracy to keep the sheeple in check.


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