Here is part two of my pictures along the Laugavegur trail – gallery of Iceland. All pictures where taken with the Sony RX 100 I, edited in lightroom. If you steal my pictures atleast leave a link to my site and let me know where they will be seen. Thanks!

The first part of this series you can find here

For information about the trail – how to get there, map and general good to new info click here

For information with regards to my gear that I brought along the trail click here


Regardless if I would ever have a Hilleberg in my pack (I would under the right conditions) Their Tents simply are beautiful

A couple of hikers getting ready for the cold, wet evening..





You can see the steam blowing over the trail.. sulphur..

Drying out my Haglöfs low LIM after a long days hike…MLD Duomid being stable and awesome as always.

About to call my wife in Sweden on the Globalstar satphone. Worked really good in Iceland.. The irony being of course that my Iphone would have worked just as well around the campsites..



The Duomid in Bazar.. or outside of Skogar

Taking a break…

Eating one of my world famous mush bars 🙂


I realize I have a few more pics and video.. so I will be making atleast one more post for this trail.. stay tuned!

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  1. These pics brings back memories. Such a fantastic place! Think that we almost camped at the same spot at Bazar 🙂


  2. Great shots! It can be so hard to capture the Icelandic landscape, such overwhelming beauty.

    I am impressed you hiked with your Sony RX100. I have the RX100 mk III and a 5D mk III and chose to take my 5D on hikes and camping trips due to the robustness (it can take a decent knock), waterproofing (can withstand a serious amount of rain) and battery life. How long were you around Iceland, and did you find the Sony, were there any times you hesitated using the RX100 due to rain or similar?


    1. I agree.. I think the landscape was simply amazing.. I found the Sony Rx100 to be “good enough” for me. I’m sure that had I been trying to take pictures to sell, then better equipment would have been needed. But for my purposes (blogging, instagram and the occasional large print) I found the camera to be usefull.


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