Well, the title is a bit cliche but that’s alright.. I’m of course referring to Swedens tallest mountain in the background Kebnakaise. This panorama was taken on our first night after about a 20 kilometer hike. We went off trail to get some peace and quiet and found this excellent little site between two mountain streams, freezing cold to cross but well worth it.

This picture was taken along kingstrail in northern Sweden. It is three pictures stitched together using lightrooms new Panorama setting.



Can’t wait for the winter dreariness to dissipate.. Something about constant dark and my life set on repeat that creates a slight depression within me – usually a sign of not being out in the woods for a while. Something I will have to change soon. While I have a few hikes planned through september, I really have the itch now to get out. So far I have three longer hikes planned: One week together with some friends in may during the ever popular and fun Coast to Coast Sweden, A week in Iceland along the Laugevegur Trail and a week in the highlands of Scotland.

Anyway, the winner of my Bushbuddy Ultra contest will be announced in tomorrows post!


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