I love my hometown of Herlong, California. Though desolate and desperate for most people, this town has such hidden character and beauty. Anyway, I took this pic while cruising around a few summers ago. This was taken at Herlong High School and it’s hard to see it, but I’m standing on second base taking a picture on the baseball field, or atleast what used to be the baseball field.

Now I can’t say I was all pro and unlike most Americans you meet abroad: I was never offered a scholarship, or turned down a pro chance to pursue my love of music or whatever. I was actually pretty decent at baseball, however my interest in girls far outweighed any interest I had in sports and because of that I never played a full season of anything, well basketball perhaps.. but thats another story. 

While I didn’t play much baseball or any sport for that matter, I still thinks it sad the state the baseball field is left in. I don’t think the high school has had a baseball team in years – no surprise really: The school might have 50 students these days. (please correct me if i’m wrong).

Anyway, this pic was taken on my Sony A7r and Zeiss 24-70mm lens.



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  2. What a stunning sky.


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