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A day out

I’m not sure if long distance ice skating is a thing in the USA, in fact, I can’t recall ever hearing about it while I was growing up.. That’s not saying much of course considering I grew up on Oahu, Hawaii and in Herlong, California. In any case here in Sweden in the winter people pull out their long distance skates and enjoy the miles and miles of frozen lakes and coast line.

Our little family decided to take a days trip down to the local lake, which is a few hundred meters from the house. We packed in the toddler, some sandwiches and hot cocoa. Was  nice day out.  Read More

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Daily pic: The baseball field

I love my hometown of Herlong, California. Though desolate and desperate for most people, this town has such hidden character and beauty. Anyway, I took this pic while cruising around a few summers ago. This was taken at Herlong High School and it’s hard to see it, but I’m standing on second base taking a picture on the baseball field, or atleast what used to be the baseball field.

Now I can’t say I was all pro and unlike most Americans you meet abroad: I was never offered a scholarship, or turned down a pro chance to pursue my love of music or whatever. I was actually pretty decent at baseball, however my interest in girls far outweighed any interest I had in sports and because of that I never played a full season of anything, well basketball perhaps.. but thats another story.  Read More