This video is from our third night out along kingstrail. I had apparently put my MLD duomid on top of a bug whole or something as it started to get pretty bad in there. In any case I found a little trick to getting them out. I noticed early on that once the bugs got in they just wanted to get out. So I opened up the top of my Duomid where my bug netting is and noticed within a short amount of time that all the bugs went out without me getting eaten or having to kill them.

Anyway, you will notice in this video that even for a big guy like me this tent is large, by far my favourite tent i’ve owned, just can’t be beat for weight and size (except cuben version – I think MLD should send me a cuben version to test 🙂 I also play around with the Enlightened equipment revelation pro quilt and my Haglöfs Windpull wind jacket. Boring video for most people – but for us ultralight nerds it’s pretty cool!

Posted by Kenneth Shaw

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