Last year while I was in Herlong, California visiting my mom and dad – not to mention taking lots of pictures. My wife and son were at some hippie festival called Urkult in the middle of Sweden somewhere. She had been talking about it and how we need to buy a massive tent and do it as a family next year (this year). Well, we went all out and bought a massive tent from intersport in umeå as well as a horrible air mattress (apparently new- though obviously used) and some tickets and made our way to Urkult festival 2015 where we met up with some friends of ours Danny, Maria and Harry.



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DSCF3085 DSCF3102

I don’t always know how I get dragged into things, but I’m not a hard person to convince, so I brought my video camera and Fuji xt-1 and made the most of it. The festival was great and we had a great time there. I will let the pictures and video tell the story for me 🙂

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