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The loving embrace of a hammock

I write often about the MLD Duomid tent that I have and use frequently. I can say that for me this is the best tent available (silnylon version) – Size, weight and cost, it’s hard to beat. With that said, there are times when I long for the loving embrace of a hammock again. Back a few years ago when the majority of my hiking was done in woods I had a Hennessy hyperlite asym deluxe. Large and light, easy to setup and extremely comfortable. I slept better in a hammock than I did and do at home. I traded in the Hennessy for the Warbonnet XLC, no real reason here, just read a few reviews that the Warbonnet was better. I can’t really say that I thought it was better to be honest, the overall package of the Hennessy in my mind, was a bit more for me than the Warbonnet in terms of simplicity and comfort. Though, no question the XLC is a great hammock and well built. Read More


Backpain hell and sleeping on a pad

I love to be out in nature, I love sleeping over and just enjoying my time out in the woods. I don’t need to be gone very long, usually when I just need to get out, a one night sleep over is enough. However, I have one constant problem always bothering me and the reason I even changed over to a Hammock: I get massive pain in my hips and shoulder when sleeping on the ground. Read More