Regardless of the weather I am going to have to take a night out soon.. I am longing for the open fire on a cold dark night.

This picture was taken last year when I was out hiking, sometimes I bring my Hennessey hammock and other times not. I love the comfort hammocks give me, the only time in the outdoors I don’t get backpain.


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This picture was taken during Swedens Coast to Coast 2014

Posted by Kenneth Shaw

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  1. Hej Ken,
    What is the coldest you hang to? Also note no underquilt (me neither) what do you use? I have reflectix with light fleece stuck to it for extra insulation and wicking. Get funny looks but so what…
    Only been down to-5c on it though (UK).
    Cheers – BTW the book is a cracking good read


    1. Hi cliff!
      The coldest I’ve been down to in my hammock was around -20. The picture is a bit deceiving because I actually do prefer an underquilt, I think I took the picture before I put on the underquilt. I have slept many times without but the comfort and warmth I get from an underquilt is just hard to match. I use different quilts depending on season. For most three season hikes I use a torso length underquilt from Enlightened equipment and for winter hiking I simply don’t use a hammock anymore. I find it harder to keep my weight down when in winter hiking as compared to using a thermarest xtherm.

      Also whats great about the winter is that it’s easy to form the snow under your sleeping mat to make a really comfortable bed.. which is also why I didn’t see the need in all the extra investments for winter hammocking.

      Also, thanks for the compliments on the book 🙂


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