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Daily pic: metal thingy

Not the most inspiring title in the world, but kind of works 🙂 When I was back home in Herlong, California back in 2013 me and my parents took the UTV out (bigger ATV) onto […]

Daily pic: The long wet road

This picture was taken outside of Fulufjället in central Sweden. I believe this was on the third day of a five day hike. Anyway, I was pretty sick and tired of how wet this trail […]

Dail pic: Moonlight over Görälven

I took this shot while sleeping along side Görälven. This was the night before the red moon so the moon was massive and bright! This was a simple Long exposure with my fujifilm x-t1 and […]

Daily Pic: Food

For those of you that don’t know, I absolutely love street photography. I will have more and more of the series showing up, I just haven’t gotten around to updating my new website too much […]

Daily Pic: Astrophotography Mt. Lassen

Here is another picture from this series at mount Lassen national park. Again same camera Sony A7R and lens Sony E 10-18mm. The bright light off to the right is the Moon. 

Daily Pic: Stargazing at Mount Lassen national park

I had lived in Herlong, California for nine years of my life.. Not once did I make the trip to Mount Lassen. I have no idea why, it just never registered on my “to do” […]