There is a lot that can be said about me. I come from a small village in Herlong, Ca. I moved to Sweden when I was 20, at first because I met a girl in the USA, then I stayed in Sweden because I loved it here. My first hiking trip I did I had about 20 kilos on my back (overnight trip) and it sucked bad! So from there I started looking at the alternatives to what I was seeing on TV and reading in books. I just couldn’t understand how technology hasn’t moved past the big ass canvas bags and double layer tents.

It is this that led me onto different methods and different alternatives – though I tend to be ultralight, I find that I like my comforts as well. Many in the ultralight movement focus only on weight and figure its ok to get eaten by bugs, or sleep directly on the ground or hop over the idea of toothbrush altogether. So I am adapting and creating my own form of ultralight hiking where comfort is also part of the total equation. I use bits and parts from different philosophies but in the end being light and comfortable is my goal.

Don’t get me wrong, I prefer a night under the stars then under a tent any day – just as long as the bugs are at ease and the stars are shining.

This can be summoned up as this: Being in the outdoors is suppose to be fun, it’s our chance to rekindle our love for mud and water and nature in general. Don’t be afraid of the elements, just be prepared for them. Clothing and gear that dries quickly, shoes that are comfortable and a pack that is light certainly makes the process a lot funner. If your dancing around streams because of fear of getting your big ass gore-tex boots wet or your back is hurting because your pack is heavy – your doing it wrong. 

My review style is based on the equipment I use or used  and my own experience with that gear. I don’t bother too much with the technical aspects because in all honestly I think that’s pretty boring. I write about how I use the gear and if I find it useful to my needs. This can also be said about trip reports – I don’t care too much about writing long detailed trip reports. I would rather post pictures and short description.

Besides being an avid long distance hiker and all around adventurer I also enjoy photography, philosophy and politics. Drop me a line!

If you would like to contact me with regards to sponsorships, gear reviews or just take a hike together feel free to contact me here


  1. Hey Kenneth, it was a nice surprise coming across your blog. I am a too a fan for efficient camping techniques and own some of the similar gears. I particularly enjoyed your photography and postings about the Kungsleden, in which I hope to visit some day. Keep up with the great work!
    – Vin


    1. Thanks a lot for the compliments! I’m glad you like it. Kungsleden really is an incredible trail. Make the time to do it as you will never regret it!


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