I love panorama pictures! Your simply not experiencing life if it’s not in panorama! These pictures are massive and it’s a shame they are so little here.. To get atleast a somewhat feel for the epic views you really should look at these pictures on the largest screen or screens you have available.



I don’t really remember all the locations now several months later, but this picture I took from our first night out along kungsleden. You can see Swedens tallest mountain in the background – kebnakaise.

DSCF3546 DSCF3849 DSCF4045

DSCF3566 DSCF3606 DSCF3617

The awesome Mountain laurel designs Duomid and the MSR Elixir.

All these pictures where taken on the Fujifilm X-t1 and 18-55mm kit lens. Stitched together in Lightroom or photoshop with my normal presets added.


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