I took this picture while finishing off my week long hike along southern kingstrail along the Swedish mountains in late september. You can read different articles I have written about this trip here:

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Njupeskär is Swedens largest waterfall and it’s pretty impressive I must say. I started at the top and worked my way down (I ended my journey at Njupeskär after walking along the mountains). I really liked the waterfall and I think it’s something worth seeing for anyone travelling in that area of Sweden.

Anyway, this picture was taken with my faithful Fujifilm X-t1 and 18mm lens. I also set the arpeture as high or low as possible at 16 and the ISO at 200. This gave me a really nice long exposure feel to the pics.


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  1. Firstly, super photo! We really have to go and invest in a quality DSLR for all our blogging activities. We have only recently returned from a trip to Sweden and had the most wonderful day at Njupeskär. We drove up from my Mum’s place in Mora on February 5th and arrived at the parking area at 0930. There was not a single person to be seen, the sun was shining and it was -18 degrees centigrade. Perfect! The walk to the frozen falls was simply idyllic, through the deep snow, among the towering spruce trees. It was the most beautiful winter wonderland that I have ever experienced. There is nothing better than enjoying the natural wonders, in pure isolation! I also visited the falls during the summer back in the 1980s. What a contrast between the two seasons. This is definitely a location I would recommend to anyone who has an appreciation of nature and the great outdoors!


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