On my Flipboard for ipad magazine ultralightandcomfortable – I post different articles both from this blog as well as other peoples blogs and articles. I ran across one article called “How to make a hooded tyvek rain jacket” and it can be found here on Gossamer Gears website. Keep in mind this could also be used as an ultralight windshirt as well.

I thought hey, what a brilliant idea! especially for somebody like me who has next to zero experience in making my own gear. (I made an ultralight synthetic quilt once.. nice and warm but too small for me). I liked the premise of making my own “waterproof, breathable, ultralight and cheap rain gear”. SO I purchased the tyvek bodysuit and decided to give it a hack. This video is my first attempt at making these pants – I didn’t really read the instructions so they turned out as expected.

What the hell – 15 usd and 10 minutes of my life and I now have a pair of ultralight waterproof pants and hooded jacket for my hiking trips. I will probably only use the pants – I actually bought two tyvek suits and made rain chaps with the other ones that I tested up on kings-trail in northern Sweden. The chaps weighed just 48 grams and kept me dry the entire time it rained (granted it didn’t rain a whole lot). I will do a full review of the tyvek pants and hooded jacket later but for now you can check out the video of me making the tyvek rain-gear.

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