You read it correctly.. GPS Tracking on Iphone in airplane mode.. This last week I spent up in the swedish national park Sarek – above the artic circle hiking and just having a brilliant time in the wild. I usually track everything using my Iphone 5s and Viewranger app. Normally after a full day of tracking the battery is at around 40% – well in airplane mode tracking I was able to track and use my iphone as my gps maps for 4 days before I had to recharge. as I say in the video – not sure if this is a feature or bug, in anycase it kicks ass and I will share the details below.

First the video: 

Now for description with pics:
The first thing I do is open my Viewranger gps and maps app for iphone 5s


Then I select new and record:


Then I put the iphone in airplane mode:
And as you can see the GPS signal is still on – and now your Iphone 5s with viewranger is tracking your GPS data in airplane mode. Apple, welcome to the present, and thanks for finally implementing this in your devices – all hikers around the world salute you!
Keep in mind this will work with any good offline maps App, such as Gais GPS where you can download maps.

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