I was thinking about posting a long article on just how lovely Norrbyskär really is (norrbyskär is a small logging island in northern Sweden that is now summer houses and museum as well as being home to the worlds best summer kiosk).  I will eventually do that article as well, but right now I just want to post pictures from my lovely evening kayaking trip through the major bay two nights ago. From our boathouse by the passenger ferry harbour to this bay takes about 25 minutes of paddling – (for me who is not the most advanced kayaker on earth)


In this bay you will find the museum as well as old rotten logging ships that have been left to die a slow death in the shallow waters. As I ride my kayak through the bay I can see different parts of shipwrecks not more than a half meter under my kayak.


Here the old skeletons of these ships seems like something out of a movie on ancient greece. The feeling of age and decay really are prevailant here. I like these kind of trips and is always reminds me to live life to the fullest – soon I will be in the dirt and decaying just like these old logging ships.


My equipment for this trip has been pretty simple as it was just a day trip – the kayak is homemade by my father in law through old Baidarka tradition. (link to wikipedia)

My camera for the day was my Iphone 5s – always works great for these kind of pics – though it took a nice bath in the ocean. A few hours in the dehydrator and it was back to being it’s perfect self.

Snapseed was my photo editing software..

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