Me and the family spent 6 days in Los Angeles in late June – July 2015. All pictures are taken with a Fujifilm X-T1 and a variation of Fujifilm XF lenses. Sometimes with flash sometimes without. I didn’t bother editing these photos as I like the jpeg straight out of the camera – setting is in Chrome film with everything set to zero.


I love this Mark Cohen style picture – up close and personal with flash. This was Alexander running up to me while I was taking pictures of the life guard house in the background.


What, no skateboards aloud? I kind of liked the setup of this shot. It’s hard to take incredible pictures in broad daylight, but what the hell – I think the setup and colors on this picture are quite nice.


The sounds and life of Los Angeles is hard not to like.


Gotta love that american flag wrapped around his ass. That’s patriotic to the core!


A Hollywood balloon genius! He was making swords and loving life..


The simple elegance of not giving a shit.


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