2467309Elina and Alexander took on ikea and I decided to go on a nice Sunday walk. This was an excellent day out with the sun shining and the temperature at around 15 degrees celcius. This wrapped up e-tapp 6.1 and parts of 6.0 on Sörmlandsleden. Actual distance is closer to 15 kilometers, I started tracking late. This e-tapp starts in Flemingberg (huddinge stockholm) and makes it way down to crossing towards Paradis.

What I can say is that there was lots of mud and snow on the trail, but that just made the trip even more interesting 🙂 I would at least not recommend regular running shoes as the water is ice cold and the softness of the shoes would just be hell in the deep mud.

Other than that I brought my equipment that I am going to have with me throughout this years different trips. I just wanted to feel it on my back and let the sofa softness disappear from my bones. I have also made a few adjustments on my gear that I wanted to feel as well. This summer I will be making some pretty long treks so this was a good start to breaking the winter softness.

Some tips:
Bring a head band – My hair is pretty long and beenie is too warm after a while
Scratch the Cat can alcohol stove – just doesn’t compare to the regular Caldera cone burner

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