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Video Review: Haglöfs LIM Essens down jacket

Finally after getting a few hours over and a little bit of motivation, I got around to digging threw my hours and hours of video from Iceland (someday I will even compose a complete video). Here is a simple video review I made while on my fourth day where I stopped in Bazar for the evening.

In the background you can see the glacier and some volcanos.



What is it:
The Haglöfs LIM Essens down jacket is another excellent edition to the LIM series. In my opinion the LIM series by Haglöfs is some of the best UL gear available right now, and most of it is resonably priced. The Essens down jacket is an Ultralight down jacket with minimal features, it does what it’s suppose to do: keep you warm

The xl jacket that I have weighs just 188grams. Because of its lightweight and extreme packability I usually have it with me on all 4 season trips. In spring, summer and fall as my only insulating jacket or sweater, and it the winter I layer it.

The Haglöfs LIM essens down jacket does exactly what it’s supposed to do: Keep you warm. As a bonus it packs down very small and has two pockets. It’s windtight and very warm for the weight. I have had it down to around 0 celcius without too much problem, below that I need to start layering.

Buy it, like it and use it forever. I trully like this jacket and it’s one of those products that is so well designed for it’s nisch market that I have to wonder if Haglöfs sells any? In any case, if this one falls apart I will buy another.