Today I decided to start a new section here on that I think could be pretty cool: Your gear closet. Basically I want you (the visitors to this site) to take a pic of your gear closet and send it in and I will feature it here. I will start off with a picture from my gear closet and a quick description of what I have here.

In you description you can add website links (your own blog), specify what gear you have and if possible a cool thing would be to include weight (I use excel so I will just print out my list). I think to make this a little fun we should focus on the big three and maybe that “1” luxury item that we all bring with us. A bit wacky, not essential but makes the trip so much more enjoyable!




My three season kit (minus the Svea):

Zpacks arc-blast

Klymit X-wave torso pad

Mountain laurel designs Duomid

Enlightened Equipement – revelation pro

Svea 123 – Gas stove (more fun than useful)

Tenkara rod co. Sawtooth  (fishing pole)


Total weight the Big three: 2290grams or 5lbs

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  1. I hope to start including more gear posts on my blog next year but here is some of what I have. I haven’t done as much backpacking as I used to. A lot of daytrips, motorcycle camping or overnights in huts (common in Taiwan). I did just replace some gear that was worn out (like a 10 yr old Mountainsmith pack). Also most of my gear is quite old (8-10 years). It would be pushing it to say that I am ultralight right now though. I have chosen comfort in some cases.

    Six Moons Fusion 65L – new
    Tarptent Double Rainbow – new
    Thermarest NeoAir
    Jacks R Better No Sniveller or a Mammut 18oz 50F bag
    Unknown brand 6-7 oz bivy (non-waterproof) – enclosed
    MSR Pocket Rocket
    .9L titanium pot
    Packa rainjacket/poncho – new


    1. Can you send me a pic? I will make a new post here with your gear


  2. Grat choices. Love that there are plenty of folks who use the SVEA123 an 123R on backpacking trips still today. Have you caught any fish with the Tenkara rod? I’m not skilled in fly fishing, so have passed on it, but am curious about non-Tenkara employees who use it and have success with it.


    1. I catch quite a bit of fish with the rod 🙂 It’s pretty simple in streams and rivers – I actually prefer it to using my normal fly gear. I can recommend it!

      The Svea123 is one of those classic pieces of gear that I think is just a lot of fun to use! I usually don’t use it that much nowadays but for overnighters and shorter winter camps I think it’s just enjoyable to have.


      1. That’s awesome. Thanks for the info. I may just have to bite the bullet on the Tenkara and learn how to fly fish. Seems complicated, but sounds like it’s worth it to learn.

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