It’s about that time of year for me to go through my gear closet and start cleaning out what I need and don’t need for my coming trips. I can ship to just about anywhere USA is probably about $30, within Sweden 99sek and within europe $20.

Drop me a line if you are interested – I’m not impossible with my prices


Zpacks Arc-blast


You read it right, I am selling my beloved Zpacks arc-blast. Most of my trips this year are for 10 days or longer and even a few winter trips. With that said my Zpacks will simply be lying around in my closet for the year, so it’s better that somebody else gets to use and love this pack as much as I have.

It’s the tall version with the extra added options such as lumbar support, two side pockets, water bladder add-on and trekking pole holders.. I’m sure there’s more there as the total price new was around $425 excluding shipping and so to Sweden.

It’s in good shape. No holes, rips or tears.

$325 usd or 3100sek


Thermarest xLite large

Newest version 196x61cm. Perfect shape and never used in the wild.


$130 or 1300sek


DD Hammocks Superlight hammock + bug net

270grams – that’s how little this little beast weighs. I just don’t use it, hence being sold now.


It’s the yellow one – not the kid

$60 or 600sek for both


Klymit inertia xwave torso


Great shape – no problems. Lightweight, wide sleeping pad.

$50 or 500 sek


Mountain Laurel Designs silnylon rain chaps


A product I thought I was going to use in a trip in the USA, never came to be. Hence they have been sitting in my closet for sometime now.

$30 usd or 300 sek






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